How to Apply Tint In Your Car’s Window

People who owns a car nowadays wants to tint their car’s windows. Tinting the window of your car provides more privacy, it also provides  protection from the heat and UV rays, and in addition, it can also make your car look polished and sleek. People who are concerned with these things, you must tint the car of your window to avail these benefits. It is not just for the look of the car but also to keep you away from the smoldering heat of the sun. It is a tedious process especially for first timers. But, to help you with that we are going to give you the step by step process of tinting the window of your car. 

Need not to worry because if you follow everything we have provided below, it will be just as easy as putting a covering in your notebook.

The type of window tint you like. You have to decide on a particular type of window tint would you like to put up on your window. But, before that you must research on the car tinting regulations in your country. A lot of countries are enforcing these rules so that they will not have a difficulty in finding out the identity of criminals like hit and run drivers, thieves and others. To do this, you can research it online or ask local tint installers in your country.

There are many kinds of window tints that are available in the market for you and your car. There are metallic, mirrored and reflective ones. You can go and put up any kind of tint just as it follows the tinting rules in your country. Make sure that you know the advantages and disadvantages of every kind of tint so that you can easily pick the best one out of all of them.

You must clean your windows. Before you decide to put up a tint for your car window, make sure that they clean and free of anything like dust and other particles. Clean them inside out by using a solution that is intended for them and use a clean piece of cloth or a squeegee to avoid fabric fibers. If you need to clean them more than once, do it just to avoid a dirty window for the tint. If you don’t, air bubbles will be present on the film.

Cut the film. The sticky side is the film and the silk one is the liner. Make sure that you measure the tint carefully and cut the film according to the size of the window. Cut if before putting the tint permanently on the window. Do the trimming with caution and use a razor knife to do so. It is also advisable to put an extra inch or so in cutting so that you will be assured that it will really fit the window perfectly.

Generously apply the solution. The solution should be sprayed at the inside part of the window with a generous amount. Then, peel the film liner and the solution should be sprayed on the exposed adhesive on it.

Apply your tint. Position the tint on the window carefully and make sure that the sticky side is facing the window. The car window should be rolled down a little bit and work your way towards the top. That means you have to start at the bottom part of the window.

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