Facts About Gun Control in the U.S

You probably have been excited thinking about getting your first gun build kit, as owning a gun is one of the things that male young adult is wanting to do. However, before you plunge into the responsibility of owning your gun, and having a license, you still probably need to be reminded of some of the important things about gun law in the United States. If you are someone who just happened to be interested in guns in the U.S, this article is for you.  


Here, we share with you some of the facts about gun control in the United States, which are the following: 


1.What is the minimum age? 

The Gun Control Act of 1986 requires the citizen of the United State to be at least 18 years old to be able to purchase a gun or any ammunition. Other firearms like handguns are able to be purchased by citizens 21 and older. 


The federal law allows the state or local laws to modify the law and higher the age restrictions, although they are not allowed to lower the minimum age of restrictions.  


2.Are there people restricted to purchase a gun? 

Yes, there are. These people include those who are deemed dangerous to the community or society, fugitives, or those who have been admitted to mental institutions. Moreover, individuals who had been imprisoned for more than a year as well as who are guilty of illegally owning and purchasing controlled substances like marijuana are prohibited to purchase firearms and handguns. Lastly, people who have been issued restraining orders are prohibited to purchase too.  


3.Who are qualified to sell firearms? 

Similar to handguns, individuals who are qualified to get a Federal Firearms License (FFL) must be at least 18 years old or older. Aside from this, the person needs to apply to the federal bureau and do some paperwork. Furthermore, they need to showcase their normal mental and physical state.  


The same thing and regulations apply to people who want to sell online. 


4.Is there a background check that needs to be done before being able to purchase? 

The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993 requires an FFL holder to have a background check for potential convictions as well as red flags. If the background check sees potential violence, the FFL holder may not be granted the ability to purchase. 


The check is mostly done by the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).  


5.Do the states require permits to purchase and sell firearms? 

Most states do require citizens to have permits before being able to carry handguns, although this does not apply to all states as there are that do allow their citizens to possess guns without permits.  


When children younger than 18 who are given a gun as a gift may also possess a gun provided that the guardian has written permission.  


When it comes to selling, the law of possessing firearms is clear. The person needs an FFL, a background check aside from the business permits that also need to be provided. However, there are still individuals who are unworthy to have a background check who have been granted permits to sell guns and firearms.  



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